Friday, June 18, 2010

Disruptive Innovation?

This is a great article on changing the language of Arts Fundraising-

" The problem is that art—especially contemporary art—is, among other things, a form of disruptive innovation. That is precisely what makes art attractive to today’s younger, enterprising benefactors. Moreover, art itself has been subjected to disruptive change. New technologies and globalisation are rapidly transforming not only the content of creative work, but also the modes of cultural participation that had remained more or less constant since the 19th century, until recently."

Are we training our artists to not only create disruptive innovation, but talk about it so that it reaches the audience that can help sustain it?  Institutions that safeguard our culture and heritage (Large, established symphony orchestras, for example) are important and necessary, but less than 3% of the musicians we graduate will find work this way.  How are we incorporating disruptive innovation for the remaining 97% so that they can continue their art in the world?

A final quote on this Friday afternoon-

"Arts advocates should also consider what students of political rhetoric have long accepted: that people aren’t always won over by cerebral arguments. They are moved to act by big ideas and deep emotions."

Are we teaching our students to find their big ideas and communicate their deep emotions?

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